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1 - 24 Hours Outdoors Challenge

Work with your child to pick a number between 1 and 24. This is the number of hours you are going to spend outside today! You can go as in-depth as you’d like with this activity (camping out, planning for a meal/snacks or rest time outside). Be sure your child is invested in planning for the number of hours they choose. Teachers' kids experimented with this challenge one warm day in April. Teacher Jill’s school-aged kids chose to do 24-hours; setting up a tent to sleep in. They tried their best  to make their goal, but came inside a little early because it was cold and windy in the morning. After their experience, they reflected about their time outside and what they’d do differently next time. Teacher Sarah's kiddo set a goal of 6 hours outdoors and stayed outside for 30 hours. You never know how far they'll go! Challenge yourself and listen to what you and your child need to be comfortable wherever you are. 


Don't forget to reflect on your experience in the moment and afterwards. You could even journal about your experience!

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