My name is Ana, you can call me Teacher Ana. I am a SpEd teacher and I am absolutely passionate about nature.  After almost two decades teaching in SpEd elementary school settings, I decided that it was time to take a new approach to teaching:  it was time to get outside and hands on. I grew up in Costa Rica and spent my summers camping at the beach  and collecting coffee on our family farm in the mountains.Those memories are the ones that have stuck with me and built who I am today.  No wonder why I found nature so nurturing, healing and a great place to learn and grow. 

I feel more than honored to have been given the opportunity to be part of the MNP and its amazing vision and mission. I am thrilled to share this experience along with such a unique and amazing group of kids. We will be exploring and wondering through play, inquiry, observation. and of course, hands on experiences with our third teacher: Nature. Open ended  questions, active listening and children's own interests and curiosity will guide our day a day learning.


I look forward to working as a team and creating an active learning community.  


Our Class

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Every child at Minneapolis Nature Preschool has a letter link, which is a symbol that corresponds to the beginning letter and sound of the child's name. Children have a natural attachment to their own names, so letter links provide a way to introduce letter names and sounds in a way that is meaningful to children. We use letter links to label children's journals and other belongings, as well as to inspire enriching and engaging literacy activities!