Week One

Mushroom, Goose, Elderberry and Aardvark enjoy a worm book after journaling.


This week was all about making  all kinds of connections: between each child, child and nature, the space that we all share, feeling the other creatures around us. I am personally new to this community and I can already feel the warmth of the people and peaceful feeling of being in the woods. I am loving the dynamics between the kids and the good energy that is growing between all of us. 

The pack found a beautiful space to run free.

Our busy pack of wolves "hunting" for lunch. They found worms and centipedes...yummy!

On Monday after conversations went back and forth, the kids agreed that we should definitely add some "decorations" to our space in the woods. We went on a hunt for treasures and added some chalk color into trees and rocks. On Wednesday, our pack of wolves took the exploration to a new level as we explored the woods, ran and rolled free in the grass, and dug our hands in the rich soil, looking for worms and other beautiful creatures. 

Mushroom, Aardvark and Duckling decorating our den.

Mushroom found a treasure.

It was so meaningful to see some smiles that weren't quite there on the first day blooming on Wednesday as the day evolved. This first connection with the land as a group is giving the kids a sense of belonging to it and to a community. We are having conversations about how we take care of nature, how we treat creatures and plants that we find, how we take care of each other and ourselves while being outdoors. This will help kids also to develop a sense of responsibility with themselves, others and nature.