Fall Signs, Migration Birds and More

This week we celebrated Fall Equinox. As we said good bye to summer (not quite yet, we still enjoyed a very warm weather), we welcomed the new season by looking for "signs of fall" all around us. 

A conversation that took place this week in the forest:

"Look teacher, another sign of fall," said Aardvark while showing the teacher acorns that she just grabbed in the woods.

"Can you see how the leaves are turning yellow?" said Mushroom, pointing to the trees.

"And orange and red!" noticed Duckling. 

"Found one green leaf, Acorn, Look! I found some on the floor already. Fall is here!" Elderberry exclaimed. 

The teacher responded, "And what kind of tree can this be? Look at the pointy leaves."

"It has acorns! it is an Oak tree!" said Goose.

"You are correct, it's a Red Oak Tree."

The pack discovering signs of fall.

"We found a climbing tree! Look, teacher, I'm taller than you. You look like an insect from here.!" says Elderberry. 

Kids had a lot to wonder about; from the possibility of mermaids living in the pond to where will happen to the ducklings in the winter. They also created hypotheses about what is making all those holes in the trees? Raccoons? Woodpeckers? Squirrels? We'll have to keep observing, taking notes and spending more time in the woods to find out. 


As we get to know each other, relationships are developing, expectations are being set, friendships are being built and a flexible routine has been established. Challenges arise everyday and problem solving comes into play. Understanding how we take care of ourselves and others, being aware of our own bodies and others', using our voices to express emotions and ask for help are essential skills to understand the world around us and what roles we play. 

Helping hands...

Aardvark and Acorn share a moment as she explains to him about her drawing of a mole house.

More friends join the drawing party as Acorn draws Poison Ivy.

Children climb the trees. 

Teacher called for a "safety meeting" to discuss the ways we can be safe and take care of each other while climbing 

and exploring the woods. They seem very serious about the subject. ;)

Moments of peace that we find to contemplate beauty.