Embracing the Cold

As the temperatures are going down, we are finding ways to enjoy it and most importantly, learn from it. With the "Beautiful Question": what is changing  around us? Children talked about all kinds of changes going on, animals hibernating and ways of keeping yourself warm. That's how they started the project of building a fort. We also investigated around the pond and noticed ice forming already. On Wednesday, children had fun painting snow, forming rainbows, comparing how far the squirts could go and negotiating with the colors. 

Food always brings us together.

Aardvark, Mulberry,  and Acorn  broke ice and found mud under it. 

Mulberry, Acorn and Duckling engineers, discuss how to better build our fort.

Mulberry, Acorn, Aardvark and Duckling discover how putting different colors together changes the original one and how the snow started to melt.