Happy New Beginnings 

Welcome to Winter Camp families!!! Children couldn't be more ready to start adventures and learning in the woods this week.  

We keep adventuring farther into Theodore Wirth Regional Park. We climb the "Amazing Hill", a very steep hill that offers a great warm up and strength to those big muscles during winter time. We also found a small stream partially frozen, where kids found reflections, trapped leaves in the ice and looked at the changes and properties of the water. 

We also welcome a new "wolf" into our pack: Welcome A!

Kids celebrate in their own way after climbing up the "Amazing Hill". 

The "pack"of engineers worked as a team in the garden to build a cave made out of blocks. Do you think an animal will come in? We'll have to wait and see. 

G and E observes how deep the stick can go into the water. How deep will it go next week? 

Astronomers observe the sky: they found dragons, a drill and unicorns.