Good Times

This week we were blessed with another warmer weather wave. It allowed us to, somehow, slow down and have some very relaxing time playing in the woods.

Kids have been spending a good time each morning playing tag and  rolling down the "Amazing Hill". No pictures taken as they tag me way too often. 


We visited Teacher Elizabeth and the Rainbows "Burrow" and the kids fell in love with their cozy fort. So, they decided to start working harder on ours. Six heads thinking and twelve hands working is better than one. It's been a lot of communication skills, team work, problem solving and hands on practice. Loving every second. 


Later in the week, the "Wolves" turned the fort into a farm/barn and found a special place for every animal, in special horses, which they pretend to be while pushing (all together) the wagon every morning. We finished the week playing in the nature play area, building water channels, bridges, founding "Candy Stores" and reading books, may, many books. 

The tree experts assessed risk with this tree. They decided that it needs to be cut, but requested that it needs to drop by our Den to be repurposed. 

The channel is ready, pour the water and let it run! How much water do we need to fill it  up? What shape is the channel? Which direction is the water going to run?

Wolves carry a big old stick to use it in the fort construction. 

Duckling and Elderberry built a nest for their Dinosaur Family.