Solstice Celebration

As we got prepared to go into the darkest days of the year, we enjoyed swirling in the Solstice Spiral that Teacher Pam and Director Alyson built for us in the Oak Savanna. Kids sang and swirled inward finding the path to follow. 


On Wednesday, it was all about make believe play. The pack found a fort by the Amazing Hill and they transformed it into a fast food restaurant, that sold everything from cheese burgers and pizza to french toast. They transition very fast to look for natural gas to feed the restaurant energy needs and a supermarket to buy more food to keep the business going. It was amazing to see how kids organized themselves to make the restaurant work and how communication skills are improving. 

We are Circling, circling together, we are circling. This is unity, this is family, we are circling, circling together...

Elderberry goes to look for natural gas, while the rest of the pack discuss who is going to the supermarket, staying at the store to attend clients and cleaning. 

Rolling down the hill we go!! Big muscles and coordination in action.

Elderberry, Duckling and Goose found a dinosaur fossil while looking for gas.