Dancing Like Water 

Welcome to Deep Winter Camp! We are embracing the snow, the wind and every little ray of sunshine whenever we find it. 

Before Winter Camp break, Acorn suggested freezing water, and this week we made it! Of course, The Wolves always make things even more interesting and they added a plastic wild animal, "food" for it, some kids threw in snow and extra material. By Wednesday the water was frozen and it gave us so much to talk about. We compared how molecules look in the water when it is liquid and frozen. We ended up dancing like water and being very stiff like ice. Kids were amazed by all the differences between the ice buckets and how water froze around different materials. Some of the words that the Wolves used to describe it were: bumpy, smooth, rough, slippery, cold, bubbly, flat, transparent, white. We even were able to use the journals to make some observations.


The Wolves observe their own buckets, comparing and wondering about shape, physics ("why did my deer sink and your fox didn't?"), texture and depth. 


The fresh deep snow called us to write names and make shapes. 


The group makes predictions about what is going to happen to water in the buckets. 


Rolling water bottles down the hill! We came up with all kinds of theories on why A's bottle is always the winner.