Treasures Everywhere

Deep Winter Camp keeps surprising us with visits from secret friends, color jewels that become dinosaur eggs and a morning of body sledding. What keeps surprising me is the endurance of The Pack. What strong minded, positive and problem solvers they are! <3


In the coldest days of the year, we have been all about movement through play, imagination and songs. Through these "big muscles days", we are learning and putting in action balance, self awareness, self-control, following instructions, team work, and whole body coordination. Practicing such important skills are building a strong foundation for intellectual, social emotional and physical developmental, needed to succeed in future years at school.


The Wolves worked as a team and found the frozen hearts that our forest creature "Hardwood" left for us. Happy LOVE day!


The pack found some colored frozen jewels that they turned into dinosaur eggs. They managed to bring them all together and built a shelter. Some wolves decided to break.


Acorn and Mushroom admired the egg shelter finished, while A decided to crack an egg and researched what was inside.


The pack waits for the teacher sign to go body sledding down the hill one by one. 


Acorn and Duckling sled down, while Adwardk supervises the top of the hill and says goodbye.