Measuring in the Sun

The sun is out, the puddles are filling with fresh melted water that becomes muddy right away as the wolves splashed and sat on. The snow was so perfect to make art structures and if you looked closely, the snowflakes were so perfectly noticeable. There was a happiness in the air about being able to feel the body getting hot and take mittens and a layer off.  This is bringing us to do more journaling, reading a book or two without getting too cold. 


We read the book "The Biggest, Best Snowman". A story of inclusion that celebrates the beauty of being small in a world of grownups. After this, we decided to make our "Biggest, Best" snow sculpture and measure ourselves and notice how beautiful it is having all sizes in our pack.


Mushroom, Acorn and Aspen work as a team as they engineered their "Biggest, Best" snow structure. It took some flexible thinking and organization to come up with this art sculpture.


Aardvark and Duckling measure the other snow sculptures that we made and decorated with color jewels and nature. They also took the time to measure distance between their friends, head's circumference and teacher's arm length. 


Team work! The pack negotiated around paint bottles, timing and activities, and who should help to carry the sled.