Melting Time!!

We keep enjoying the melting temperatures at the MNP!  And with the melting season, in comes the very wet, muddy, squeeze,  dirty season as well!

We got to jump on puddles, balance ourselves to walk on a "stick bridge" and count how many steps we could go before falling into the mud. We made mud pies and stew, adding magical nature ingredients, decorations and sprinkles. 


This week, as we were playing with some Minnesota native wild animals figures, another kind of interest grew big among our always curious and inquisitive explorers. As we played and questions came back and forth, we learned together about predators and prey, some habitats, food chains, hibernation and how some animals might be coming out of their sleep already. We also learned that the wolves are at the top of the food chain!! Way to go wolves!!


Also this week we welcomed a new member in our pack! We are thrilled to have N with us! 


Back to reflecting and retelling about our day highlights. 


The melting season is bringing rhythm and joy. Children made music and experimented with how sticks make different kinds of sounds depending on the surface they are played. 

"Hollow sounds better and louder! Like a woodpecker!"- Mushroom. 


The wolves built caves and shelters for their prey and predators. 


Mud time: team work, sensory input, fine motor skills, communication skills, mud and water properties learning, balance!