Taking and Managing Risks...

...are skills that are fundamental in life. Managing risk and taking risks are skills that make the difference between going for more or staying frozen and not taking action. These are skills that help us build self confidence, problem solving, independence and self regulation. When is it too slippery that I could fall? Will jumping over that puddle take me to the other side? How do I manage my body and emotions around others? 


While jumping over a puddles, crawling up hills (because walking is almost impossible) and playing hide and seek in the woods sounds like a ton of fun for the "Wolves," they are also working on building stronger relationships, managing and assessing risks, problem solving, estimating and self regulating. 


Going back to familiar places in the woods made us realized that we can call home many different spaces.

The wolves decided to go back to the " amazing hill", which was an amazingly slippery muddy sled. We did a lot of crawling while laughing really hard. 


The "pack" worked together to look for materials to build and make stronger a bridge to cross the giant puddle.