Rain or Sunshine

This week the wolves got to spend one day with teacher Ana and one day with teacher Sarah. On Monday the sun shined for us, and after playing for a while, the wolves decided on going for a field trip to Bassett's Creek Park. We got to visit the Chicken house and we saw actual Gnomes on the way!

On Wednesday the rain came upon Minneapolis! and the wolves and teacher Sarah got to enjoy the mud, dig for worms, build bridges and play I am the Lorax!

Rain or sunshine...the wolves are always ready to learn and nature play!


These mathematicians are trying to figure out number recognition,  measures and sequencing.  They are glad to have each other to put together their skills and learn from each other.


After admiring the life around the creek, the chickens and the Gnomes, we sat down to enjoy the peace and reflect about our adventure. 


The wolves practice safety measures on our way to Bassett's Creek. 


The wolves enjoyed running down the hill, experiencing the mud texture and slipperiness. Pure joy!


It was Acorn time to be The Lorax and speak for the trees. A new version of Simon says.