Closing Cycles

We got to the end of a cycle. The snow and the ice are gone. We say goodbye to the snowmen, the sledding rollercoaster, and the fluffy snow where we have been landing. 

We say HI and WELCOME to the lively water on the pond, the buds pushing out of the bushes and tree branches, and the heat in our bodies. We are ready for a new chapter of growing learning, blooming ideas and  refreshing nature play. 

We also say goodbye to "M" as he moves to a new program. We also will  welcome "S" to our program right after Spring break. 


After reading some books about life in the ponds, the wolves' curiosity took us to pond dipping. We took our nets, magnifiers and containers and found snails and tons of duckweed.


The "pack" noticed garbage around the woods as the snow melted. They decided to take action and to clean up the  woods we went!


The pack prepared signs,  with inviting  environmental conservation messages for the community.