Creative Inspiration

Spring is here and we are inspired by it. This week was all about starting a new fresh cycle, breathing the cool fresh air and creating with our bare hands and beautiful minds. 

As part of the Young Child celebration week, on Monday we created shakers or "maracas" with nature and recycled and repurposed materials. We sang, danced and even marched through the woods making music and funny movements. While we marched and danced, we stepped upon the pond, and noticed all the changes and life that is happening. Which gave us the idea to build thighs that float and try them out. On Wednesday we created our boats. No instructions or steps to follow, just the prompt: Lets build boats and see if they can float. Creating as a team and trying new things that can succeed or "fail" was a beautiful challenge. 

We'll for sure keep exploring new and creative ways to build things, explore and keep learning together. 

Aardvark used measure cups and funnels to add rice and couscous to her maraca. All the wolves waited patiently for their turns.


The wolves discussed and even had arguments around boats design, weight  and shape. Some teams remained unified until the end and

 some other teams decided to part ways and build on their own. 


Eating time brings us always a moment of light and enjoyment. We are lucky to do it under the trees every day. 

The wolves successfully worked as a team to make cakes in the candy shop.