Happy Earth Week!

We celebrated by being outside, staying connected with nature, discovering rollie pollies and centipedes and giving a hand to our Teacher and Mother Earth. We also celebrated Acorn Birthday by doing one of his favorite activities and having fruit popsicles together. We love to celebrate!

The wolves were very interested in discovering what is living under the "dead" trees and stumps. We found out that even though those trees are "dead" they are still somehow alive, as they are the house or so many insects and other animals. 


After reading our book about squirrels, Aardvark and Nuthatch made the connection about another animal that lives in the trees! Can you guess? 


The wolves created paintings under the prompt: Celebrating friendships and Celebrating life on Earth. 


The wolves worked very hard cleaning the drain in the parking lot. They want to make sure that the water can run garbage free to the river and waterlands. 


Aspen and Salamander research our beloved climbing tree. Most of the inner part of the tree has broken down already and is home of spiders, centipedes and beetles.