Sweet Surprises

This week the wolves were all about trying new experiences. 

On Monday, Teacher Sarah guided the group into a garden adventure. It has been a while since the group visited the garden, and this time the snow was gone and the herbs and new plants were there to be smelled, tasted and be admired. 

On Wednesday, for the first time we spent some time in the courtyard, where the children continued to bake and cook, with the fun addition of adding water to their recipes. We also set on an adventure to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. Even though we couldn't get in because of a big line and timing, the wolves waited patiently while reading books and exploring the letter sounds of our pocket alphabet cards. The woods had some other surprise for us: we spotted a young Great Horned Owl. It stayed still for us to contemplate her majesty. 

We celebrated this surprises singing ourselves away: 


uhu aha, who found an owl, who found an owl? 

Oh me, oh yeah, oh me me oh yeah!


The wolves use their senses to explore the herbs from the garden. 


On our way back from Eloise Butler, the wolves found a giant pile of leaves...and you known what happens if you give a pile of leaves to a pack of wolves!


A peaceful moment captured while journaling. A found mosaic pieces and traced its shape. 


Duckling writes some ingredients from the delicious Muffins made at MNP.