Wild Flowers and Bridges

The wolves were very busy while decorating pots and planting seeds in honor of their moms. We talked and reflected about what we love about our moms: 

  • "When she lets me eat candy"

  • "When I rest by her side in the bed"

  • "When she makes pancakes"

  • "When she lets me play on the ipad"


The wolves also were extra busy in their engineering roles as we went back to the "Giant Pool." After making a plan, they built bridges and "Mouse Houses" with secret doors. It's amazing to listen to how clear they communicate their ideas with each other and how they get organized as a team to develop a plan. We also made it to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. This time we got extra early and enjoyed all the colors and diversity from that special place. 


Happy Mother's Day!


The bridge went to the next level and they added a wider path to access it and also ways to connect together different bridges. In the back "N" and "A" build the Mouse House.

Picture #2: We enjoyed reading stories while waiting to get into Eloise Butler Garden. 

As we walked the Garden, we learned about the cycle of life and also noticed this unique shape in this tree. The children couldn't decide what it looked like, but their guesses and ideas were very creative!


Taking a rest on the Floating Docks trail in the garden.

The wolves paint with droppers while think about "what they love about their Moms"