A Place Far Away...

The wolves explored new places this week. It doesn't take much time before they find ways to play, interact and feel comfortable while exploring nature. On Monday we found a new space very close to the Nature Play area. The wolves found nature tools to build, remodel, cook and even find a bug hotel in a dead tree. Aardvark had the initiative to ask to "go to a place that we have never walked before"...what a refreshing idea! We all made a plan for Wednesday and off we went to Wirth Lake Beach. On the way we found garter snakes, cardinals, robins, orioles, squirrels and chipmunks. We also found  all kinds of wildflowers and so many different shades of green. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The Wolves find "sensory bins" in the most unexpected places. They practice to draw lines, numbers, letter or just their own creations.  


Duckling, Salamander, Aspen, Aardvark and Nuthatch work in their fine motor skills and  creativity using tools, while exploring the new area in the forest. 


While some dug channels and redirected the water at the beach, others enjoyed the relaxed environment and read books and drew.