Life All Around

Life is exploding in the woods: the apple crabs are showing it's intense pink,  dandelions are bright yellow and their seeds are already flying away. We picked them up, stayed six feet apart and made wishes while we blew them. 

"I wish I was an eagle"

"I wish I could fly"

"I wish I could eat so much candy!"

We also visited the pond and found so much life. We counted 9 turtles and 6 ducks. We had fun adding and subtracting turtles as they came up and down from a big stump at the lake. 

We filled our time exploring this new life in the woods, noticing and admiring the colors, cycles and new beginnings. 


 Fine motor skills and creativity here we go!! This fun project is in process. The wolves have been working really hard and they will be ready to show off their artists skills soon!


The wolves solved the tangram puzzles while recognizing colors, geometrical shapes, counting sides and corners and practiced sharing and waiting for turns. 


We got new fancy tarps and we couldn't wait to work as a team to set it up and enjoy the cozyness of a new shelter. Way to work  on our social and emotional skills!


Nuthatch plants native grass in our Den. This activity brought up conversations about invasive plants, and our mission on taking action and making the difference.