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April 7 - 10

Online Nature School
Ant's family goes on an adventure in the woods with their dog. 

Thank you families for keeping us updated on your family nature adventures! We have enjoyed seeing your faces during our zoom class meetings and love getting pictures and videos of all the ways you have been exploring and engaging in outdoor play while we're away from one another during this time. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by technology or unsure you are "doing enough" academically, remember the greatest way children learn in early childhood is through PLAY! So keep on creating, exploring, imagining and got this and you're doing great.

Hedgehog makes a burr owl. 
Snowflake tests her sink or float predictions in the creek and keeps a record of her experiment on the wall. 
Autumn makes a sculpture he calls 'Rockman' out of nature materials. Later, he shares his creation with us during our class zoom meeting.
Eagle and Acorn take pictures of their nature finds while they do a photography scavenger hunt. 
Who's that at our zoom class meeting? Why, it's Acorn and Eagle in disguise with some super awesome masks!
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