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Building Shelter:

Creating a Safe Space

Build on this experience with a guided meditation. Click here to listen to "Your Secret Treehouse."


After listening to this with my kid, we talked about the special places we created in our minds and the next day we were inspired to start building one of our own in our backyard! 

A note about meditation with children: Remember this is a practice and a chance for you to model a new skill. I prefer to sit cross-legged with a cushion on the ground and my eyes closed. While doing this meditation, my kid opted to sit on my lap, eyes open, talking occasionally and manipulating 'thinking putty' - that's OK! Don't get hung up on meditating "the right way" simply breathe and let whatever is happening around you happen, when you notice your mind wandering, as it naturally will do (many, many, many times), notice it without judgement and return to the awareness of your breath. Try this activity at a time of day when you're likely to find more success, such as bedtime!

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