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Full Flower Moon

Day 4: Mystery Flower


Here is a mystery flower Teacher Jill saw while she was on an adventure with her family. She didn’t know what it was, so she took a picture of the flowers and leaves and uploaded it to iNaturalist. It said the flower was a Spring Beauty. It is beautiful!

Have you ever been curious about the name of a flower that you come across? 

Today’s challenge is to go on your adventure hike and learn a new flower! With your mystery flower in sight, take a picture of it if you can. If you’ve been using iNaturalist, upload it and see if the app has an idea of what you’re seeing or try and look it up on the internet or in a field guide, if you have access to one.

If you’re curious about what it is and can’t figure it out, send Teacher Jill a text or email and she can help! 

We're doing a “Choose Your Own Adventure!" this week. If you feel like structured activities are losing their appeal at this point in stay-at-home life, just go outside and look for the Flower of the Day.


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