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January 21 - 24, 2020

Sticky Snow Days!

This week was a welcomed reprieve from the deep winter weather we’ve been experiencing. To celebrate it, we spent as much time as possible outside! When it is really cold, we will follow the Deep Winter schedule where we have center time inside to warm up. Most of this week we followed the Mild Winter schedule where we have center time outside in order to get as much fresh air and vitamin D as possible. Hopefully all the nature kids slept well after a big chunk of time in deep, sticky snow!


Nature kids  have been using shovels to plow and zamboni the pond, while others have been building ice castles and other creations with large chunks of ice. 


Autumn uses a shovel to catapult snowballs into the air. 


Nest and Mouse celebrate the sticky snow this week with two  large snowballs. 


On Thursday we celebrated Pumpkin and Caterpillar turning 5. We collected Happy Snappies (kindling) and started a fire. We roasted marshmallows and sang Happy Birthday in English and Hebrew (per Pumpkin's request).

Happy 5th Birthday! Yom Huledet!


Hedgehog, Icicle, Snowflake and Caterpillar work together at the top of Chicken Sled to attach two sleds together. They race down the hill with smiles on their faces. 


Quail chose a rake from the white bin. He followed teacher Jill and other students who were using shovels to plow the pond. Quail used the rake and some sound effects to be a zamboni driver.

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