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January 14 - 17, 2020

Introducing Kyle!

Maybe you read about him on our parent board at pick up/drop off. If not, we have a new volunteer who will be with us throughout the month of January. His name is Kyle and yes,

he is a Pokémon expert! 


Kyle launches a pitcher of hot water into the cold air during our water vapor experiment. We observe the water transform into steam right before our eyes. 


Teacher Jill and Kyle sit down with children for a family-style snack. 


On our morning phenology hike, Teacher Sarah and Kyle take a small group down to Trails-End Beach, where we follow coyote tracks to the Rainbow Tree. Acorn observes the ice fog on the river and says, "it looks like a steam world!" Caterpillar is the first one to head up the Rainbow Tree and exclaims, "This is so fun! " Then shares, "I'm scared. I might not do this least not that far."  Caterpillar hops down with the support of the teacher and decides to try again as the rest of our group gives it a try, too. 

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