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Choose Your Own Adventure:


This week we're celebrating flowers for the Full Flower Moon. Try this activity with the Flower of the Day or use any flower you can find near by!

At my house, we did this activity with Siberian squill, which was growing plentiful in our yard. 


1. Introduce yourself to your new flower friend! Who are they? Do you know their name? What do you notice about them?


2. Ask the plant permission before you harvest. This step can be tricky, you might be tempted to hear an immediate "yes!"


Take a closer look to find your answer. Are you in someone else's yard or in a state park? Try to find flowers growing on accessible land for picking. Is this flower a baby? Let it grow a little longer. Is this flower alone? Try to only pick 1 flower for every 20 you count. 

Take only what you'll use. 

3.Place your harvested flowers between two pieces of paper (or parchment paper), space out the flowers so they are not touching one another. Enclose your flowers within the pages of a heavy book and stack even more heavy books on top. 


4. Press flowers for 2-3 weeks. Now, you have new materials for art making or simply put them in a frame.

They're gorgeous!


Our pressed flowers after 27 days. 

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