Our First Week of Nature Play

The children have been so excited to explore their new learning spaces! They have especially enjoyed going on alligator adventures and singing silly songs about crocodiles. As we adapt to our new environment, the children have asked to revisit a few of the same play areas. They have been especially drawn to the nature playground (collection of stumps and logs by the red pine trees) and the mucky edge of the pond in Theodore Wirth. It has been so much fun to see new friendships forming as they offer support to each other in their tasks.

Cloud, Lizard, Mulberry, Kingfisher, and Fish walk along the mucky edge of the pond. They pause to pick up small sticks and rocks to throw into the water. L and M notice that the grass does not go as far as the heavier objects.

Fish, Lizard, Juniper and Mulberry release a frog we found in the parking lot back to the pond. They put it on a leaf and watched it hop along the flowers into the water.

The group all work together to lift and carry a long branch to support the tarp in our basecamp. 

Mulberry, Cloud, Fish, Kingfisher, and Lizard pretend the log is a boat. C uses her walking stick as her row, and F joins her in singing "Row row row your boat".