Building Friendships Through Big Play

It has been so beautiful to see the friendships forming within this group, especially on our third day when they came together to play Pokemon for over an hour without interruption in the Anwatin community garden. They kept running up to each other saying, "we're friends now!" They are eager to find activities that involve everyone, and were sad to say goodbye Thursday afternoon. 

They especially loved going on a long adventure hike through Theodore Wirth, and we noticed how our bodies feel when we stay moving and climbing (especially for those who have virtual learning in the morning!). We picked the steepest hills to climb on our hike, with Oak Leaf and Mountain exclaiming, "this is the biggest hill I've ever seen in my whole life!"

Arctic Fox and Millipede hiking up the steep path, pausing to wait for Mountain to decide the best way to climb over the large log blocking our way. They both climbed over, but Mountain decided she felt safer crawling underneath with me behind her. 

Arctic Fox and Moose arrange ceramic pieces found in the garden. They feel the different textures made with glaze. They rearrange again, and Arctic Fox says, "look at my puzzle, it's a diamond. It's a rocketship."

In the burrow, Hedgehog and Oak leaf play Pokemon, battling on the fallen logs. They yell, "Charmander!" then jump down to the ground. 

In the garden, Millipede examines a plant. She felt the intact pod, noticing that it had air inside and said "there is something small in there." We opened one to see, and she said, "There's a seed inside here so that when they die they can grow a new one."

Mountain, Millipede, and Arctic Fox construct a house of sticks (with the help of Moose) then sit together reading stories from home. They later decorate their house by hanging up rain pants and mittens.