Community Garden Exploration

This week we enjoyed going on walks together and exploring the Anwatin Community Garden! Located behind the middle school, the enclosed space offers so many areas of individual exploration as well as a central shelter to come together and build with found materials. The students discovered chunks of concrete that they compiled to use as a hospital. We also introduced a few tools in our Look-It kits--scissors, measuring tapes, and magnifying glasses. On Wednesday, I helped the group pair up to investigate our Burrow together. They measured rocks, logs, and themselves! It was great seeing them invite each other to play, becoming more comfortable within our class community. Next week, I hope to facilitate more intentional investigations of our forest as it transitions to Fall. 

The whole class on a nature walk, excitedly throwing the fresh fallen leaves into the air.

Mulberry, Fish, Lizard, and Cloud concentrate on cutting flower stems and leaves that we collected.

Mulberry and Cloud figure out the best way to get apples down from the tree. They both climb on the cement blocks, then M reaches up high. They discover that shaking the branches makes the apples rain down.

A new friendship! Cloud and Juniper are excited to play together in the sand. C helped dump the sand into a space we cleared, then called out for J asking if he wanted to play with her.

Kingfisher, Mulberry, and Cloud look at the plants in the garden. K says, "It's a squash because look at the orange flower." We pulled up one of the plants that wasn't thriving, and M draws the roots in her journal.

The whole class journals together under the shelter in the garden! We love all being able to sit together. The class asked to come here every day this week, "to have a picnic in the garden."

Kingfisher and Fish investigate the rocks and tree in the entrance of our Burrow with magnifying glasses.