Getting to Know Our Forest Classroom

Our second week together was so much fun--we started Tuesday by pond dipping, looking at the Duckweed with our magnifying glasses, catapulting branches into the water, and discovering a log teeter-totter. We also spent time together in the Anwatin Community Garden, where the group enjoyed using their Look-It kits as medical tools for their ambulance. We are spending a lot of time talking about working together and forming a solid foundation for our classroom community, getting to know each other and forming connections to the Earth and our new friends. One way we've done this is by going on hikes together! Thursday was extra special because we made it all the way to Eloise Butler, and shared a special snack when we got back. 

Arctic fox, Millipede, Moose, and Hedgehog all balance on the teeter-totter. H says, "I'll go on the end because I am the heaviest."

Arctic Fox, Moose, and Mountain use scissors to trim the plants and weeds growing around the shelter in the garden.

Moose, Hedgehog, and Oak leaf hurl sticks and mud into the pond using shovels as catapults.

Mountain pokes sticks into the mud to build a house, then decides to stomp in the muck instead! We got so muddy this day. 

A group photo of our class. 

Hedgehog and Oakleaf run ahead on the path of the Wildflower Garden.

Oakleaf, Millipede, and Moose read the signs along the Pathogens Path in Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden. This sign said to feel the rough, bumpy bark, and think about how it protects trees.