Changing Seasons

This week we enjoyed as much time out on the trails as we could! We observed the autumnal changes in the forest, crunching leaves and noticing the chilly, windy air. The group all said fall and winter are their favorite seasons and were so excited to experience the perfect fall weather together. Next week we will build on these observations by creating a collage of natural materials we find hiking!

On our way back to our basecamp, Cloud, Mulberry, and Fish have the idea to slide on their bottoms down the steep hill. The rest of the group runs back up the path to slide down with them. 

The group listens to Juniper explain a game he invents using the stick fort we found near Eloise Butler.

Taking a water break on our hike, Cloud and Kingfisher play with "shake-y eggs" and Fish, Lizard, and Juniper confer on a plan to build a kitchen along the path.

In the courtyard, Kingfisher, Cloud, and Fish examine the changing leaves with magnifying glasses.

The group works together to carry a long stick for our fort, but Lizard and Mulberry don't feel safe carrying it the whole way so the Fish and Juniper lift it into the grass, out of the way.