Emotional Awareness Through Nature Art

We spent this week making art, revisiting Eloise Butler, and exploring the new logs in the Burrow. On Thursday, they worked together to carry a big branch to the courtyard, where we painted it to decorate our stick fort. We have been starting each day by sharing how we feel through colors and movement--it made painting the branch so much fun to remember the colors we acted out earlier.

Arctic Fox, Millipede, and Hedgehog run from Oak Leaf and Moose, jumping over logs in the Burrow.

Journaling and conversing about our adventures in Eloise Butler while balancing on a tipy log.

Carrying the log to be painted! Note the focused expressions as they carefully match the group pace while balancing the log. 

Everybody worked together to pass around the paints, mixing colors to match our welcome meeting prompt, "what color do you feel like today?"