First Snow!

This week the Rainbows observed the changing seasons of our school forest before and after a record blizzard. They threw snowballs into the pond, testing the surface ice, and poked sticks into the mud to find how deep it went before it hit water. The whole group came together to form a bakery, crafting successful business relationships between the bakers of pies and cakes. (They even made some for the birds by adding found berries). 

The group was excited to find this woodchip hill on a hike through Theodore Wirth right as the blizzard started--we ran the rest of the way back to the Burrow to beat the heavy flakes. 

Comparing the pond on Tuesday vs Wednesday! They dig in the mud to find where the water begins--then throw snowballs to determine where the ice starts to form a solid barrier on the pond. 

Mulberry and Kingfisher work at the bakery, making cakes and pies to trade with the others. 

Cloud and Fish share a very happy, snowy, snack time in the log area.