First Snow

This week was obviously all about snow, as we had our first blizzard of the season! The group noticed many changes in our school forest, including the pond starting to freeze and the new animal tracks we can see in the snow. We went on a long hike through Theodore Wirth and everyone was so excited to run as fast as they could through the thick snow (and log roll down hills). 

The group sits down for a snack on a hike through Theodore Wirth on Wednesday.

Moose, Millipede, and Mountain spray liquid watercolor onto snow in the courtyard. They test different combinations of spray bottles and hypothesize what new color they will make.

Oak leaf, Hedgehog, Millipede, and Moose throw snowballs at the brick wall of the courtyard. They are trying to hit the wall higher and higher until Oakleaf finally makes it onto the roof! They were surprised to realize underhand throws higher than overhand!