Observations of Winter

The Rainbows went on many hikes this week, having picnics in the oak savanna and along the paths with our warm tea. A few friends painted sticks and found objects on Tuesday, while the rest of the group dug in the snow and dirt of the Anwatin Garden. We have taken to observing the pond every day to notice changes--overnight frost, unfrozen water at the deepest point of the pond, the disappearance of the ducks! It is exciting to see how our school forest prepares for winter.

Making sticker art for the students in Teacher Ana's group--we are going to start social-distance buddying with them this winter :) 

Juniper, Lizard, Cloud, and Mulberry dig and play in the Anwatin Garden now that the plants have been cleared for winter. 

Juniper, Lizard, and Fish make oreo ice cream cake with the dirt and snow.

Fish and Kingfisher sit together on a log that juts into the frozen pond.

Mulberry leans over the log to see and feel the frozen pond, Fish looks for a good stick to break the ice.