Exploring, Painting, and Friendship

This week was so much fun--we went on new trails and explored the ice in the changing creek (getting extraordinarily wet). The group also enjoyed free play in the log area, spending extended periods of time in collaborative group play. We found a nice balance of developing fine and gross motor skills by bringing paint and scissors with us to allow for a recentering task between big play. 

Millipede, Arctic fox, Mountain, Moose, and Hedgehog paint sticks in the log area, mixing colors and collaborating on their "masterpiece." 

Mountain, Millipede, Arctic fox, and Moose scoot across a log to cross the frozen creek.

Mountain, Milipede, and Arctic fox cut pine needles in the red pines by Eloise Butler.

The group sits in the oak savanna for snack, appreciating the new views (we haven't explored this section of Theodore Wirth yet!)