Wrapping up Autumn Nature Camp

This week was all smiles for the Rainbows! The warm weather allowed us to do so many mitten-free activities like painting, weaving, tree climbing, and splashing the unfrozen pond with sticks. We explored a new area of Theodore Wirth that has two big fallen logs, one for climbing and one we used as a balance beam. We also had two special critter visitors, Webber the turtle and Doodle the corn snake!

Mulberry and Kingfisher scoot across a log, collecting moss. Fish and Lizard hand me yucky yucky medicine (their favorite game).

The group observes Webber the turtle to see if he will eat the worms Naturalist Emily gives him. We got to feel his shell and learn how his webbed toes help him swim super fast.

Mulberry draws Webber!

Fish and Kingfisher use yarn, ribbons, and scrap fabric to weave and wrap around sticks to make magic wands.

Juniper and Lizard pose along the trail, happy to have so much sunshine.