Goodbye Autumn

This week, the group loved exploring new trails we discovered in Theodore Wirth, spending time playing in/decorating the Burrow, and digging in the dirt! They made so many cupcakes and soups in the courtyard with found materials and kitchenware. The warm, dry weather also allowed us to have some mitten-free fun with painting, weaving, and chalk--a solid wrap up of our favorite autumn camp activities. 

Millipede, Arctic Fox, and Mountain use ribbon and string to wrap sticks--they dangle the string to make cat toys!

Arctic Fox, Mountain, Moose, and Millipede figure out the best way to scoot up the log then slide off the top.

Moose, Oak leaf, Hedgehog, and Mountain use dirt from the raised bed in their kitchen, baking cupcakes and making soup to share. Oak leaf is pikachu, and only eats electric foods.