Welcoming Winter in the Forest

This week was all about refamiliarizing ourselves with the school forest. We discovered a new play area near the Den, and spent nearly all of Wednesday morning crossing the log bridge! The children were all so excited just to be with each other again, and created new games like Hair Salon and Rescue Butterflies. They had so many questions on how preschool was going to change as winter approaches.

Lizard, Mulberry, Cloud, and Kingfisher use magnifying glasses to examine the bark on the wet sticks by the pond.

Juniper and Fish find thick sticks to hit the ice with. Fish is so excited when he finally makes a crack in the thick ice along the shoreline.

The group paints stumps in the log area. Juniper paints a fire that he shows off to his friends.

Cloud helps care for our classroom forest environment. The group worked together to carry watering cans to water the growing trees in the Burrow.

Juniper walks balanced on two logs, and the rest of the group find ways to crawl and scoot across behind him.