Measuring and Exploring Mud

The Rainbows spent all week exploring different water sources around our school forest. We investigated the ephemeral creek, crashing through the top layer of snow and ice to investigate the water and mud beneath. 


Juniper notes the differences along the way--"The pond is different over here. It's in the sunshine so it's not as frozen, it's gooey." He pushes a stick down into the ice, and notes, "Look how deep it is, probably because I'm putting it into the muck."


Mulberry notices the snow changes when she adds it to the creek, and says, "The ice change when it go in the pond. I think the water change the ice because its different colors--so its changing colors of the ice."


Fish adds what he notices about his section of creek, saying, "This is getting really sticky, it's harder to mix. I'm making it stickier because I adding more snow. When I add more snow, the stickier it gets."


We also used sticks to measure the depth of a really big mud puddle, and deemed it safe to jump in. Everyone got so muddy!


The team uses shovels to dig down to the ice in the "little pond" in Theodore Wirth--we noticed that the ice was way more solid here than in the creek, and were unable to get through it.


The Rainbows also enjoyed painting in the log area this week, decorating stumps for the school agers to discover during recess.