Pond and Lake Observations

This week brought so many changes to our school forest! The Rainbows checked on the pond each day, noticing the ice receding farther from shore and the mud thickening along the trees. We constructed stick boats and mud dams, and collected pond water in clear cups to observe the clarity of the water. We loved the rain and the adventurous feel it brought to our learning. Mulberry put it beautifully: "I love thunder because I love the crashing sound, I love the music."


Juniper and Cloud use sticks to test the depth and thickness of the mud along the pond. Juniper discovers that the more he digs, the farther in the shoreline comes. 


We hiked out to Wirth Lake on Thursday, and were able to observe differences in the lake water versus what we see in the forest. Here, Juniper, Mulberry, and Fish look at the plants along the bottom of the lake where the ice ends.