Happy Earth Day!

The Rainbows were so high energy all week, and loved all kinds of full body movement play. We tried out a new spinner game, taking turns to spin and acting out the woodland themed prompts together. We flew like birds, chattered like squirrels, hibernated like birds, and bloomed like flowers. On Thursday, the group all planted two herbs/vegetables of their choice to watch grow in the weeks to come! We will be charting their growth as the weather continues to warm.

Mulberry and Fish grow upwards, waving their leaves in the wind. 


Cloud, Kingfisher, and Juniper show how flowers bloom, starting as tiny seeds and wiggling their stems up towards the sun.


Juniper and Kingfisher show their drop paintings for Earth Day! Kingfisher painted the pond, with all the colors blending together like the water, and Juniper describes his as a map of our whole world.