Sense of Place

The Rainbows had a small group this week, and spent it playing near the pond, drawing in their journals, and potting their seed starters. We finished up the week with some drop painting and two trips to Eloise Butler! The garden has changed so much in the past few weeks, and it has been so nice to take the time to observe those changes through scavenger hunts and with the help of the garden naturalists. The group has built a sense of community and place within the garden, forming connections with the trail as well as the other visitors and staff. 


Kingfisher finds a small bone along the path inside Eloise Butler, and Cloud finds a bird feather nearby! Are they from the same animal? They are excited to show the naturalists our discoveries and ask questions. 


On Thursday, the Rainbows revisit drop painting to make bookmarks for Mother's Day. They describe the different ways to make designs with the droppers: dots, layers, big puddles, splashes, etc.


Cloud, Juniper, and Lizard play with tangrams alongside the pond, sharing pieces and building geometric and spatial awareness while enjoying the familiarity of the pond.