Beach Day and Creek Exploration


This may have been the Rainbow's busiest week yet. We enjoyed painting in the nature play area, playing in Bassett's Creek, and even had a beach day with Teacher Ana's class. By visiting two bodies of water, the group was able to compare environments and think about the different ways water can look and feel. At Wirth Lake, we investigated the rust colored sand and murky shoreline. The water in the creek was just as cold, but with a moving current, the water was a lot clearer! We collected snail shells and learned that if you don't touch them, the snail sticks its foot out of the door and starts to move. The Rainbows were VERY surprised to learn that the pretty shells were actually homes for living creatures.


Mulberry, Kingfisher, and Cloud show off their symmetry paintings (we painted one side of the paper then folded it in half to transfer the design).


Kingfisher and Fish observe the wet sand and use measuring spoons to scoop water from the lake.


Juniper and Mulberry test the depth of the creek, stepping as far as their boots will let them.