Native Ecosystems

As we begin to say goodbye to the forest, the Rainbows felt good about helping the school pull invasive garlic mustard and plant native species in its place! We talked about the environments native plants need to grow, and how we can support the ecosystems within our community. We were also very interested in observing the frog mating rituals happening in Anwatin Pond, listening to the chorus traveling through the forest and spotting camouflaged frog pairs laying eggs in the shallow water. 


The group works together to pull garlic mustard from the Burrow, making room for new plants.


We started the week with Shake-y Bead Painting, dotting small sheets of paper with thick globs of paint, placing them in a box with wooden beads, and shaking them all around to create unique art with matching beads that we will use for a later project.  


Kingfisher and Cloud dig in the courtyard, turning the soil to prepare for our new mini prairie.


After observing the frog mating in the pond, Fish traces a frog toy in his journal.