A Warm Winter Welcome!

We had the most energetic and joyous start of winter camp. We started the week by noticing changes in the forest and painting in the log area, then ended with a trip to Wirth Lake! It felt so special to play on the beach the first week of winter camp, and the group is excited for more long hikes and adventures. 

On the hike back, we pick up pine cones and compare our findings. They sort by size and notice how spread out or right the scales are. 

Mountain and Arctic Fox work together to paint stumps in the log area. They start with the shape of a rainbow but after realizing we don't have enough colors they turn it into a face. Mountain adds more and more paint to brush its teeth. 

We make observations of the lake, noticing the temperature and the colors we see. Why is the water so brown? If it is from sand, why aren't all lakes brown?

The group explores Wirth Beach! They test how far they can jump off the low wall by moving the orange circle farther away, practicing their coordination by trying to jump directly on the spot or beyond it.