Water and Ice Observations

This week we went on two really long hikes, found a new spot to observe the frozen lake, and spent time playing in the Burrow. The most exciting find was along our hike around Eloise Butler, beyond the usual trails within our section of woods. The group all made observations as they investigated the water coming out of a funny looking tunnel under the path! 

Moose, Hedgehog, and Mountain enjoy tea on the fallen log while Elephant, Asteroid, and Arctic Fox journal.

Millipede: "It comes out the water tank then goes to the sea"

Asteroid: "It's a little river. I think I saw a tadpole!"

Moose, using a stick: "I'm measuring how deep it is"

Mountain: "It's kinda warm and kinda cold"

Hedgehog, tapping and sawing with a stick: "I made a hole!"

Elephant: "There's a hole and the water goes into it"

Arctic Fox: "There's bubbles where the water hits the ice"