Exploring and Tracking

The fresh snowfall revealed many clues to the forest's inhabitants, including tracking animal footprints and (most notably) droplets of blood along the paths. The group tracked the blood down "Woodpecker Way" and used their imagination and deduction skills to solve the mystery of whose blood it was. We spent most of our time near the burrow, feeling at home in our play spaces after a week away from school.

File_003 (2).jpeg

Hedgehog and Moose are adamant that the blood is from the prey a carnivore carried in its mouth--Mountain and Millipede think it came from a monster. We looked for footprints and scat nearby for more information.

File_001 (2).jpeg

We make a teeter-totter from a newly felled tree in the nature play area. Moose tries different ways of evening the weight of the other three children on the higher side of the play area's slope.