Flowing Creek (ft. Dinosaurs)

As the snow melted from the parking lot, a creek formed along the marshy cattails! Hedgehog calls it the Mystery of the Flowing Creek, and checks both sides of the snow mountain to find the water source. The group built dams with sticks and snow, floated dinosaurs along the current, and measured how deep the water was. 


Asteroid notices that two of her dinosaurs float but one sinks. She also points out the similarities to the creek by her house, and says, "I found a pond. It's bigger, Our creek has some fast parts and slow parts".


We also hike into Theodore Wirth to find a good climbing tree, and find one that everyone can fit on at once. They take turns jumping off the branch, starting by holding the teacher's hand and becoming comfortable enough to jump on their own.


Millipede measures the water depth with a stick--"It's pretty deep but not that deep. It's 3 inches here and about 6 inches over here."